Mental training in football practice

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Short description

  • Mental training in football practice
  • Individual Psychological factors and performance
  • Goal Setting

The purpose of these seminars is to promote the use of mental toughness within football. Mental toughness is an important concept that coaches and players should engage during training and matches. Enhanced mental toughness increases the chance of consistent success. There are identifiable characteristics that relate to mental toughness within football. When people think of sports training, the first thought someone might have is a player running drills to work on speed or hitting the weights to work on power and strength. In football, those training sessions are vital for player development. Additional tools such as watching game film, studying your playbook and maintaining a proper diet round out the normal routine for most athletes. In recent years a new training method has been gaining popularity, that method is mental strength. When we look at the modern athlete from youth sports up, we admire their physical presence. Athletes of today are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. When it’s time for practice or Game Day the players may be physically ready, but they are not mentally ready for what challenges are ahead of them.

We kindly invite trainers working with teenagers who wish to improve their competence in mental suport of sportspeople.
Communicative knowledge of English is required.

Visit schedule

  • Day 0, 02.03.2020

    Arrival of the Participants.

  • Day 1, 03.03.2020

    9:00 Breakfast

    10:00 Project briefing, outlining participants expectations and schedule for the upcoming days

    Opening presentation by Mentalni Trening representatives.


    10:30 definition of Mental Training

    11:00 explanation of the MT process

    12:15 Basic MT techniques: focus points; mental simulation from self-perspective and from outside perspective

    12:30 specifics in working with different age groups

    13:00 lunch Break


    14:00 Focus points – every participant will define focus points for his/hers athlete for a tactical and technical element in football

    15:00 Mental simulation – participants are going to make a personalized plan of mental simulations in football according to the periodisation in that sport

    16:15 Participants are going to make a “mini MT plan” with focus points and mental simulation plan for children in football

    17:30 Presentations by the participants about themselves to the rest of the group

    19:30 Dinner

    21:00 Reflection

  • Day 2, 04.03.2020

    9:00 Breakfast


    10:00 Personality and football: positive and negative perfectionism as a player’s weakness or strength

    10:45 Anxiety and performance: the effect of anxiety as a state or trait in football

    12:00 TBEP model: connection between thoughts, behaviour, emotions and physiology. Participants will learn what is under their control and how to use different breathing techniques

    13:00 Lunch break


    14:00 Basic control techniques: awareness in breathing, abdominal breathing and nervus vagus, Body Scan. Participants are going to learn how to use these techniques and how to implement them in their training sessions working with football players.

    19:00 Dinner

    20:30 Reflection

  • Day 3, 05.03.2020

    9:00 Breakfast


    10:00 Pros and cons of goal setting in football: theoretical approach and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting in football. Participants will learn a difference between non-specific goals that don’t inspire motivation and true S.M.A.R.T. goals that drive it

    11:15 Goal setting and motivation: participants will learn the difference between motivation ang engagement – what preceeds and what follows.

    12:00 Rules for efficient goal setting: what is the difference between short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. What is their effect on player’s motivation

    13:00 Lunch break


    14:00 Goal setting in football: participants will have to define goals for an individual player and for a team of players: short – mid and long term according to S.M.A.R.T. criteria

    15:45 Measuring of engagement in football

    16:30 Conclusion and sum up

    19:00 Dinner

    20:30 Reflection

  • Day 4, 06.03.2020

    09:00 Breakfast

    10:00 Presentations by the participants on their own ideas, methods and solutions regarding mental training in football practice

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 Presentations by the participants on their own ideas, methods and solutions regarding mental training in football practice

    17:30 Presentations by the participants on their own ideas, methods and solutions regarding mental training in football practice

    19:00 Dinner

    20:00 Reflection

  • Day 5, 07.03.2020

    9:00 Breakfast

    10:00 Trip to Zagreb

    10:40 Free time in Zagreb

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 Trip to Dinamo Zagreb Academy (participation in the training as observants)

    16:00 Trip back to Gorica

    17:00 Home game HNK Gorica v Lokomotiva

    20:00 Dinner

    21:00 Reflection

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